Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watering and Weeding!

(Stay tuned for a photo of SPUD's recently aquired water cistern...)

We now have a water cistern in place and Spuddites have been taking turns watering the parched field. Looks like this hot-dry spell is going to last another month! Thank goodness we bought the cistern!

Veronica is putting a roster together for the next water events.

We are asking people to work in pairs. One to weed the field covered in buckwheat
and help move the hose over the rows and the other to water. It takes 2 hours to water the entire field.

Because it's a tedious job we are asking people to water/weed for one hour.

Thursday, July 17th, - the Fire Dept. will fill ithe cistern with 2,000 gallons as a training practice on their new pumper. Thank you Fire Dept!

Call Veronica if you can do a one-hour paired water/weed session. 250-335-1828.