Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planting Date: Saturday, May 16th


The date to plant the potatoes has been changed from Saturday, May 3rd (as mentioned in the April Flagstone) to Saturday, May 16th from 1-4pm.

Please bring a spade, gloves, water and a hat. See you there!


When everyone has paid their membership dues we will have 24 members this year. Cut-off date for membership is May 1st.

Everyone is welcome to join. Even if you are unable to plant, water or weed, there are organizational tasks that we need help with. Call Veronica Timmons at 335-1828.

Current Core Group

Corinne Bjorge (Treasurer)

Veronica Timmons (Membership/Secretary/Organizer)

Herb Jones (Field Operations)

Peter Janes (Field Operations)

Derek Takerer (Field Operations)


by Veronica Timmons

In February, the Hermitage Board and the SPUDS Core Group signed an agreement which allows SPUDS (legally known as the Cascadian Food Sustainability Project) to grow potatoes and other crops in the field for three years.

The Hermitage is the Buddhist meditation retreat centre on Denman Road. It used to be the Greenpeace Farm where Jim and Marie Bohlen lived for many years. The Hermitage Board is in the midst of changing land use by-laws from farm only to be able to operate a modest silent meditation retreat centre. Farming the land will always continue to be an important part of the Hermitage. The gardens and orchard will be expanded to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for retreatants and the fields will be maintained. There is already a trail open to the public on the eastern edge of the property. The Agricultural Land Commission is encouraging the Hermitage to continue the special liaison with SPUDS which we hope to expand in the future. The contacts for the farming part of the Hermitage are Swann Gardener and Anne de Cosson.

The 2008 potato harvest was not as productive as hoped so this year we are amending the soil with nitrogen. A pea crop has been sown and will be tilled into the soil before the potatoes go in in May. This year we will be planting three types: Seiglinde, Yukon and White Rose. Members will be asked to bring their spades, hats and sunglasses for the May 16th planting event.

SPUDDITES are asked to renew their memberships by completing the survey and membership sheet which is under S. at the Abraxis Free Post. Membes are asked to commit to working in the field four times during the season which could include: ground preparation, planting, hilling, mulching, weeding and harvesting. Watering should be easier this year as the cistern will be moved to higher ground for better gravity-feed and we hope to install an in-ground watering system.

Last year was a great experience and we learned a lot. This year we hope to improve our organization, grow more and bigger potatoes and have more fun doing it! The Core Group would like more members so if you want to help us improve please come and join us, Corinne Bjorge, Herb Jones, Peter Bickel-Janes, and Veronica Timmons.