Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hilling and Mulching:

Monday, June 15th AT 7:15 pm

Please contact Veronica Timmons at 250-335-1828 if you are unable to come. It should only take an hour if everyone turns up.

The irrigation system went in yesterday, June 9th, so the spuds are getting a drink. They are growing well.

Please bring a rake or hoe and gloves.
If you are subject to hay fever bring goggles!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hilling party postponed...stay tuned!

As only 25% of the potatoes are up and they are only 4" high, we have decided to postpone Saturday's work party.
The plants have to be higher to hill up.
We are putting in the irrigation system this week and the tank will be filled too (thanks to the Fire Department).

As the days are so hot perhaps it would be better to hold the next work party in the evening or early morning Saturday (9-noon).
Members could come and do a row then go off to recycling.
What is your preference? Contact Veronica at