Friday, May 21, 2010

SPRING PLANTING MAY 22nd , 11:00 am

First of all, the weather looks great for planting! So we're right on schedule for getting our spuds in the field Saturday morning.

Spudsters have already been very busy this spring, prepping the site and collecting supplies. Kudos to Bob Vosburgh for scything our fall cover crop before Mike Lindsay got in to till the field two weeks ago! Also to Rae, Karl, Lindsay, Jan, Mike and Bob for delivering hay donated by Gordon Wright (thankyou farmer Gordon!) for our mulch this year.

And on Monday, May 17th, Karl, Rae, Mike, Fireweed, Charlie, Susan Marie, and Bill Engelson planted our pea cover crop in the now tilled quadrant that will NOT be receiving potatoes this spring, but building nitrogen. We also laid out sixteen rows in the quadrant where our potatoes WILL be going...all with the supportive assistance of organic grower Derrik Tanneker. Thankyou Derrik!

See you Saturday, unless the weather changes drastically, in which case our backup plan is same time, same place on SUNDAY. Don't forget shovels, hat, gloves, bucket if you have one, and a bowl and spoon for our chile lunch. Small donation greatfully accepted towards expenses if your name is 'in the pot'!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Thanks to Mike Lindsay who tilled the field just before Mother's Day, SPUDS has an official planting date set for Saturday May 22nd!

Please plan to arrive and get started by 11:00 am. Refreshments will be available- a big pot of chili and cornbread will be provided (a donation of a loonie or two greatfully appreciated towards expenses).

Be sure to bring water, gloves and a could be warm out there! Any planting tools...BUCKETS, shovels, rakes, etc, will also be important.

If no one from your family/group membership is available to participate with the planting on the date selected, please contact the communications team. The more folks that gather at the same time, the faster the job. And the more fun!

So, hope to see you there!

Meeting Minutes April 26th, 2010

Meeting place: Veronica’s House, 7:00 pm

Attending: Fireweed, Mike, Bob Vosburgh, Lyndsey Jennings, Jan Murphy, Sharon Walberg, Veronica Timmons (facilitator), deNeen Baldwin (notetaker)
Regrets: Rae

Welcome to our new member, Sharon Walberg.

Hay acquisition
Bob Vosburgh says Doug Wright is donating 25 bales of hay which need picking
up very soon. Bob, Jan, Lyndsey and Mike will help getting the hay to the field.

Financial Update:
Mike says $100 in new memberships have been received, which brings the total
number of memberships to 16 (14 family/group and 2 individual).
The account balance is $182.17. Tilling the field this spring will cost $50 and the tap will cost $40.
It was suggested we consider having online access to the bank account. Mike to investigate and report back.
Sharon suggested Mike check if we can get a donation bin at recycling.

Field Update:
Cleanup of the field has yet to be done; needs to be done before tilling.

Tilling: The field is not ready yet; too wet. After turning over the cover crop, the field needs 2 weeks prior to planting.
Planting Date Possibilities:
We have tentatively slated two time frames for planting: either Saturday May 22 (Sunday 23rd if it rains) or Saturday May 29th (Sunday 30th if it rains).

Cover Crop:
FireWeed researched getting the best seed possible for the coming cover crop of Red Clover and Hairy Vetch. She will look into purchasing the former from South Country Feed, and arrange to split an order of the latter with Ironwood Farm in Fanny Bay.
Jan and Lyndsey may be able to pick up some seed in Ladner early in May.
Regarding the storage of the seed potatoes—Thanks to Mike for picking them up from Bob Parsons and moving them to Rod and Vlasta’s cold storage. The group thanked Rod and Vlasta for the use of their space.

Veronica to meet soon with Louise Bell on a grant possibility from the Union of B.C. Municipalities. She will also work with Bob to explore a Home Depot/Evergreen grant for a structure for water catchment and hay storage. Veronica will submit the application.

Other Business:
The Islands Trust is hosting a meeting of the representatives from the various Agricultural interest groups which have recently been forming on the island. The meeting, which is partly designed to assure the groups are not working at cross purposes, is on Monday,May 10 at 10:30 am at the Old School. FireWeed will attend for SPUDS.

Next Meeting:
Let’s hope the next time we meet it is for planting! No meeting scheduled.

Meeting Minutes for April 5th, 2010

Held at Sheila and Ron’ house


Mike Nestor, Sheila Nopper, Karl Goodwin, deNeen Baldwin, Veronica Timmons, Rae Eckel, Ron Sakolsky, Fireweed, Lindsey Jennings and Jan Murphy (new members)

Facilitator: deNeen Baldwin Minutes: Veronica Timmons
Welcome to new members: Lindsey Jennings and Jan Murphy

1. Soil Test
Rae presented the findings of the soil tests. The test was done on the quadrant that will be planted this year. Most of the soil tested is 6ph – a little on the acidic side but good for potato growing. The results showed nitrogen depletion, phosphorus deficiency and potash sufficiency.

2. The field
Carl reported that in the planting area 1/6 is underwater. The cover crop is not evenly dispersed and there are not many peas growing in the planting quadrant. Cardboard has blown over the field. Need a clean up crew to take the cardboard out. Veronica and Jan will do this.

3. Financial Report
Mike reported that the account balance as of Feb 28 ’10 = $97.17. We have $ 100.00 of memberships to deposit and one check outstanding for $ 15.00. This leaves us with a balance of $ 182.17. Short-term expenses: tractor/tilling - $50; tap for cistern - roughly $50. There are 15 members – 13 family, 2 individual

4. Cover Crop
Discussion on different cover crops. Fireweed gave a breakdown of costs for vetch and red clover. We need $200 to buy cover crops. Needs to be purchased May/June. S.W. Feed is the best source. Ironwood Farm interested in sharing a bag of vetch. Fireweed to check availability.

5. Seed Potato Storage
Seeds are sprouting on the potato stock. Rod and Vlasta can offer cooler storage. The boxes need to be moved there.

6. Planting
The 2010 planting quadrant is muddy/wet. Options discussed: plant in wet soil, plant in hay, not plant. The plan is to plant in mid-May when it should be dried up. It was decided that reconfiguring the quadrants/field would be the best method to avoid the wet zone. There will still be four rotations.
Mike to check with Mike Lindsay regarding tilling.

7. Basis of Unity
Ron suggested we hold a place for the addition Reduce dependence on fossil fuel over time. Members who are interested in weaning us off fossil fuel could come back with a proposal. It was agreed to insert the addition in the Basis of Unity. Those who are concerned could form a sub-group to study other choices.

8. Grant – UBCCM
Veronica discussed the grant that Louise Bell has obtained for the island. It is for the Seniors Society and another group such as ours to decide what to do with it. Veronica will get the application and bring it to the SPUDS meeting for discussion.

9. Library – binder
Veronica will give sheila binder for the archival documents to go in the library.

10. Next Meeting-
Monday, 7 pm, at Veronica’s :5792 Thomas Road.