Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2012 Planning Meeting SUNDAY, November 27th, 7 pm

Time flies! With winter fast approaching, and so many potatoes from our fall harvest already consumed, some of us are keen to start planning for 2012!

Please come join the SPUDS Field Management Sub-committee get together scheduled for Sunday, November 27th at 7 pm. Tanya and Dave are kindly hosting, and they live at 2585 Piercy Road (water side). We'll be reviewing the past year, sharing updates and ideas with the membership for 2012, and determine how many members we can count on for the 2012 growing season! Please bring your membership fee with you and let's take it from there! As always, new agenda items are welcome, so please contact one of us ahead of time if you have anything you would like added to the list.

For those curious about the field, we managed to avoid bringing in a plough this past fall before a pretty quick and spontaneous sowing of clover and pea throughout the field. This saved us money, and of course is consistent with our Basis of Unity statement goal of fossil fuel reduction.

Thanks to those who have contributed cardboard to the project, we have successfully pushed back a good deal of the long, tall grass invasion on the side of the field closest to next year's planting quadrant. Fascinating photos are being compiled in preparation for next weekend's meeting...hope to see you there!

If you can't make the meeting, please rsvp anyway, letting your Co-op know if we can look forward to working together with you in the field in 2012 once again! Hope to see you soon, and hear from everyone sooner! :) -Fireweed (for SPUDS field management sub-committee)